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Stormy Weather? Keep Your Child Care Data Safe

Girl with umbrella in stormy weather.Here we are in the midst of April and the weather forecast isn’t looking much like spring. Our Procare campus is located in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Oregon region, nestled in the Rogue Valley. Our snow accumulation this year is extremely low, with a nonexistent snowpack. We have been without significant “weather events” this year, unlike the East Coast. With all of the predictions calling for more snow, ice, wind, or tornados for much of the nation, are you prepared? If you happen to be utilizing Procare Data Hosting Services, you are better prepared to handle any emergency situation.

Data Hosting allows you access to Procare information from any high-speed, internet-connected device. How convenient would it be to log in from your home computer (on a snow day or any day) to keep tabs on recent activity, run reports, or enter data that you just didn’t have time to get to before the bad weather hit? Continue reading

Mobile Apps for Child Care Management

Roads are wonderful metaphors. They can represent links between time and place, ways to get from here to there, and anticipation of what’s coming around the bend. So, what might that road look like between technology and your child care business?

Well, there’s a good chance you have some kind of mobile device, perhaps more than one. You may own a smartphone, iPad, or similar tablet or Android device. If so, you’re familiar with the dazzling array of apps available to do anything from teaching kids the alphabet to checking your bank balance and everything in between.

Mobile child care

Apps for Child Care Management

At Procare we know that daycare instructors and staff are always on the move with their active students, and therefore need to have access to their business and student information from many locations. That is why we offer mobile child care apps that give instructors the ability to view reports and account balances, see who has checked-in, and more from their mobile devices through the Procare Cloud. To give you a better idea of the capabilities offered through our apps, let’s take a road trip through the Procare Cloud Web Apps, and their functionality.  

Should I pack my iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile Device?

Sure, it’s good to plan ahead for your trip. There’s no reason to pack something you’ll never use. But the road ahead is easy in this regard. The Procare apps are be web based, so you only need access to the browser built into your device to use them. That means the operating system of your device (iOS, Android, etc.) won’t matter, the applications run seamlessly on all of them.

The First Leg

As we already mentioned, Procare’s applications are web based. This means you do not have to download or install a separate application to your device. All you have to do to have regular access to your child care app is bookmark the Procare web apps page on any device or tablet.

A Few Miles Down the Road

Within the child care app, instructors can get real-time reporting, a great functionality while in the field. This allows them to see who has checked in for the day, who owes money, review revenue, and look up bank statements. Instructors can also look up important student information such as emergency contacts and phone numbers. They can then call or text parents or guardians directly from the application.


Emergency contacts by classroom [Click images to enlarge]

Mobile App: Classroom Contact List

Open a class to see individual contact people with instant call/text options

Mobile App: Child Emergency Contacts

Children currently checked in

Mobile App: Children Checked In

Family balance due

Mobile App: Child Care Balance Due

Recent charge, credit and payment totals

Mobile App: Child Care Revenue & Payments

Bank account balance

Mobile App: Child Care Bank Balance

A Longer Journey

Our apps run through the Procare Cloud, allowing child care instructors to view and update their business-critical information from any computer with internet access whether at home, the office, or working remotely. The Procare Cloud offers a host of features that simplify administrative work for child care professionals. Aside from the mobile apps, Cloud users get automatic free updates, ensuring they always have the most up-to-date software and features.

The nightly backup service stores user data automatically, ensuring that any technical difficulties do not result in complete loss of information. Procare Cloud users also get access to the MyProcare Parent Portal, which allows parents to be more engaged and active in planning their child care. For additional communication and engagement, the Procare Cloud also integrates with KidReports classroom management and parent engagement. This allows daycare providers to seamlessly communicate with their parents on-the-go using SMS, video, and daily sheet updates. Finally, the Procare Cloud is secure, meaning private information is only available to you, or other authorized users.

Mobile App: Child Care Check In

Final Thoughts

Modern technology gives us the ability to be more efficient in every aspect of day-to-day life, including child care. With mobile child care apps and automated updates and backups in the Procare Cloud, you can focus on collaborating with parents to give your students the highest-quality care, rather than printing out and filling in check in sheets by hand, or worrying about technical maintenance.

What’s Your Destination?

Wherever your child care business is headed, Procare will keep working hard to deliver the best solutions in child care management. If you have ideas for mobile web-apps you’d like to see, please leave a comment below.

Looking for more information about managing your child care business on the go? Learn how Procare can help.

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