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Do your own Daycare Payroll and Save

Daycare Payroll ChecksMy recent post on Efficient Scheduling of Daycare Staff got me thinking about other ways to economize on payroll expenditures. If you are currently outsourcing your payroll check calculations you should seriously consider doing your own Daycare Payroll. It’s much easier than you might think and will save you money every pay period by not having to cut a check to your payroll service. If you are currently spending $50 to $100 per month or more on a payroll service you’ll easily recoup your software investment in just a short time.  Continue reading

How Does the Procare Time Clock Work?

Editor’s note: The time clock described in this article has been replaced by the Procare Touch Computer.

My last post about Procare Time Clock 1.5 was so popular I decided to write a bit more to explain how the Time Clock actually works and how it is connected to your computer or network. Thank you to everyone who emailed (and even called me!). Today’s post is a direct result of your input. Continue reading

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