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Why ProCare Support is Special

As most long time users of ProCare Software know, ProCare Technical Support is unique in a number of ways. We receive dozens of comments each month on how helpful the tech staff is and what a key role quality support plays in the decision to invest in Child Care Management Software. In a previous article we examined a day in the life of the Tech Support Team. Today we’ll look at the question – “What makes ProCare Support special?“.     Continue reading

My Computer is Acting Up! What do I do? Who do I Call?

Our excellent tech support team fields all kinds of trouble calls; however, we really only support ProCare itself, not computer hardware or the Windows operating system and related networking hardware. Often you may need to contact a qualified technician in your area who is in a better position to diagnose and fix these problems. Here are some things to try before you call ProCare or your local technician. Continue reading

Staff Series: Tech Support Team

Every industry has their unsung heroes. In the child care management software industry, it is our Technical Support Team. Here’s a little information about them… Continue reading

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