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Cruise & Learn with Your Favorite Penguin

Cruise with Procare's Tucker the PenguinHow would you like to take a cruise around the Caribbean Islands and have the chance to not only meet key team members from Procare Software, but get a little learning in too? Come join us on a 10-day cruise & learn vacation complete with sea, sunshine, and a series of Procare classes to help you learn how to grow your business and explore new technology.

[Editor’s Note: As of June 11, 2013, the Procare Cruise has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts. We hope to offer a similar event in the future. Please accept our apologies.]

Caribbean Destinations

Your ship, the brand new Riviera, part of the Oceania cruise line, will take you in elegant fashion to the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, St. Maarten and Grand Turk island, just to name a few stops along the way. Continue reading

Procare U: Sneak Preview

Procare UniversityIntroducing Procare U

Looking for a way to improve and test your knowledge of Procare Software®? We’re introducing a new type of learning with Procare University, affectionately known as “Procare U”.

There are already a few sample lessons available, but before we get to that I want to share our vision of Procare U for the future.

As of April 2012, new lessons are available. See: Learn Procare at Procare U

Will Procare U be Different from Webinars or Training?

Yes! Procare U will target specific task competencies by the type of work done (and your level of responsibility) with the pace controlled by you. Maybe you just need to learn to add family information, set up billing and run a few reports, but nothing more. You, or someone from your company, will be able to assign just the classes you need – making the best use of your time by quickly getting to the heart of your studies. Continue reading

Why ProCare Support is Special

As most long time users of ProCare Software know, ProCare Technical Support is unique in a number of ways. We receive dozens of comments each month on how helpful the tech staff is and what a key role quality support plays in the decision to invest in Child Care Management Software. In a previous article we examined a day in the life of the Tech Support Team. Today we’ll look at the question – “What makes ProCare Support special?“.     Continue reading

Training, Support and More

Hello Everyone! My name is Doug McDonald, and I am ProCare’s Training Coordinator. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know a bit about me and our training department. Originally from the Chicago area, I moved to Oregon fresh out of college in the early 70’s. I started working in the computer industry in the late 70’s, when CPM computers were the norm, BEFORE the IBM personal computer was invented (probably before many of you were born!). Since then, I spent about 20 of those years in the medical information technology field, then came here to ProCare 6 and a half years ago and have been a happy clam ever since! Continue reading

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