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Top Rated Support for Child Care Software – ProCare Gets a 10

ProCare Support - Rated 10 of 10The Tech Support Team at ProCare Software® was recently rated a 10 out of 10 by people who use ProCare every day to simplify the management of their child care center, daycare facility or preschool. 

Here’s what child care center owners and directors had to say about the support they received in a recent survey. 

“My experience with ProCare has been Awesome.  Exactly what I was looking for.  Tech support is very knowledgeable and has been able to answer my questions without hesitation every time.  I will be returning to ProCare for my future software needs.”

– Pamela from Yankton, SD  Continue reading

Why ProCare Support is Special

As most long time users of ProCare Software know, ProCare Technical Support is unique in a number of ways. We receive dozens of comments each month on how helpful the tech staff is and what a key role quality support plays in the decision to invest in Child Care Management Software. In a previous article we examined a day in the life of the Tech Support Team. Today we’ll look at the question – “What makes ProCare Support special?“.     Continue reading

Play “Stump the Tech”

Ever played “Stump the Tech”? You know, it’s that game where you call technical support and throw them a curve ball, asking something they may never have heard before, just to see how they’ll respond. The ProCare Support Team receives a few of these each month either from an Email Question or a direct phone call. Sometimes the answer even results in a new question/answer posted to our FAQs Page (Frequently Asked Questions). In this post I’ll mention a few stumpers that come up from time to time and ask for any new ones you’d like to submit.   Continue reading

How to Count Children in Active Families

Another good question recently came into our ProCare Tech Support email: 

When I do a “Count” of Active families, the number seems to include siblings who have previously withdrawn. Is there a way to exclude withdrawn siblings so the Active count displays only the number of children who are currently enrolled? 

It turns out this is a fairly common question; one to which there are a couple of different solutions.

  Continue reading

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