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Access ProCare from Home

Ever wanted to get to your ProCare information from home? Or perhaps you need access from another computer, like a laptop, that is not at your child development center? This is a request we hear more and more. Although there are a number of ways to accomplish this, the most common is to use the “Remote Desktop” capability built into Windows. Continue reading

Get an Insider’s View of ProCare

Hi everyone! I’m Phil Eschtruth Harrison the Communications Manager at ProCare Software. My role in the ProCare Blog is to help give you an insider’s view as to what is going on at ProCare and what we’re working on for the future of Child Care Management Software. Continue reading


Welcome to the ProCare Software Blog. ProCare Software is the industry’s leader in child care management software. We started this blog to share our vision for the future of ProCare. We’ll also present important tips ProCare users can use now. And, we’ll make sure you stay informed on current news in the childcare industry. We will have three main contributors: Continue reading

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