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Preschool & Sleeping Pills Don’t Mix

An interesting and scary thing happened in our family recently and I thought it important to share.

As with any morning, I got up and went downstairs to make lunch for my preschooler, Sofia, and to feed the dogs. When I opened her lunch box, down at the bottom was a single pill with the word TEVA on one side and 74 on the other. I looked up the pill and it was an Ambien sleeping pill.

I asked her how she got the pill and where it came from. She told me that it came from one of her friends at school (whom I have never heard of). Continue reading

Center of the Month – Kiddie Care

Kiddie Care - Dothan, ALProCare Software would like to welcome in the new year with one of our most popular blog features – our Child Care Center of the Month. Each month we select a daycare, preschool, child care center or similar place of early learning as our Center of the Month. Centers are selected based on information provided for their Free MyStory Web Page.  

For January, ProCare is pleased to announce Kiddie Care Learning Center  of Dothan, AL as our award winner!   Continue reading

Where have Mud Pies & Little Red Wagons Gone?

Recently an article was posted at asking an important question. Where have the little red wagons gone? The story focuses on a first grader, Katy, who loves to twirl and wear her favorite rainbow poncho. The problem is she also has an IEP folder that is over an inch thick.

Read the full article called Childhood’s End: Growing Up Too Fast, but don’t stop there as the Comments section of the post is equally thought provoking.

That’s all for today. Until next time, cheers!


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Free Advertising for Your Child Care Center

chalk2Do you use ProCare Software to manage your child-centered business? If so, did you know you are eligible for a free online web page to publicize your child care center, preschool or similar facility? Here’s how it works: Continue reading

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