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pinewood derby car designs

3rd Annual Pinewood Derby at Procare

In keeping with our annual tradition, the Procare Software crew recently held their 3rd annual pinewood derby race, also known as the Firecracker 5000. This friendly competition among staff members and their families is always a highlight of the 4th of July week. Racers are judged both on speed and design. The top 3 finishers (fastest cars) and the 3 receiving the most Best of Show votes (most clever and best looking cars) all received awards.

Video: Procare Software Pinewood Derby “Firecracker 500”

The most successful overall car in this year’s event won two awards and was entered by the family of Vice-president Rick Waldron. Designed to look like a tube of Crest toothpaste, the Waldron car finished in the top 3 both for speed (third) and Best of Show (also third). Rick and family have done well in past competitions too, having won Best of Show in 2012 and finishing 2nd in 2011. Continue reading

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