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Procare’s 2nd Annual Pinewood Derby

2012 "Firecracker 5000" Pinewood Derby Race at ProcareWhat could be more fun than a summertime car race? The staff of Procare Software recently held their second annual race, known as the “Firecracker 5000”. Each person began with a pinewood derby style car kit and from there designed it for speed, style or both. Prizes were awarded to the top three finishers in a double-elimination bracket and also to the three cars that received the most votes for “best in show”.

The winner for 2012, Software Consultant Scott Schneider, did not think he had much of a chance after having to tape the left front wheel on shortly before race time and credited “luck” as his secret to success. Scott not only had a fast car, but a well crafted and visually appealing design featuring a notched front end with copper tubing, which also captured him 2nd place in the best of show voting. That’s an impressive 1-2 finish. Scott, who previously won best of show in 2011, certainly has a flair for style. Continue reading

Pinewood Derby Day at Procare

In celebration of July 4th and just to have a little fun, the staff at Procare Software® recently ran our 1st annual pinewood derby style race known as the “Firecracker 5000”. Each person built their car starting with a standard pinewood derby car kit and customized it to their liking. There were separate competitions for speed and cleverness of design.

Procare Pinewood Derby: Video Slide Show

The secret to a fast race, according to winner Steve Suarez (tech support), was to use massive amounts of dry graphite to lubricate the wheels, so much so, that the sleek yellow car ended up graphite gray by the time the race was finished. Coming in second was software engineer Danny Pomeroy with Andy Spliefhof (web design & marketing) taking home the third place trophy.

For the design portion of the competition each person voted for their three favorite cars. There were a lot of nicely crafted cars so it was hard to choose but the top three are shown below. Continue reading

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