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Interview with ProCare’s Jeff Blum

Long time users of ProCare Child Care Management Software may be familiar with Jeff Blum, the owner, president and senior software developer for ProCare. Jeff has been a familiar face at early childhood conferences over the years, like the NAEYC and NCCA. Recently Mr. Blum was interviewed by the Medford Mail Tribune for an article on business leaders in Southern Oregon.    Continue reading

Customer Statements – Balance Due

Most of you probably know it’s easy to print Customer Statements for all families at once as part of Family Accounting Reports. Statements are intended to be printed for families who have current activity on their Ledger Cards. However, some families, who still owe you money, may not have recent activity. Perhaps they left the center some time ago and you have not recently posted anything to their account. These families will not automatically receive a statement, but the good news is there are several ways to address the situation. Continue reading

Apples, Oranges and Accounts Receivable

What do apples, oranges and bananas, have to do with accounts receivable and ProCare? In fact, what exactly is accounts receivable in the first place? Wikipedia offers a detailed explanation, but for our purposes it’s easiest to think of accounts receivable (known as AR) as money owed to your child care center. Continue reading

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