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Track Vacations for Children & Staff

Summer Vacation FunThe sun is shining and warm weather is here. That means summer fun and family vacations for children enrolled at your preschool or early learning center. In fact, you might even squeeze in some well-deserved vacation time for yourself and other members of your staff.

To make tracking vacation for children and staff easier, Procare Software offers a number of built-in tools. You may want to record vacation days for children and issue vacation credits for times they are away. On the employee side, you’ll want to schedule planned vacation ahead of time and track the number of hours earned and used.

We’ve covered many of these topics in previous articles—today we’ll give you a quick summary with links and video clips to get you started. Continue reading

Keeping Track of Child Vacation Hours

Boy at Fishing HoleAs your summer programs get under way, family vacations will be coming up too. And although getting away to a favorite fishing hole may be fun, you don’t want to be fishing around when it comes to tracking child vacation hours.

If your child care policy allows families to take a specified number of vacation days, you’ll certainly need a way to record that time. You may also want to issue vacation credits—or skip vacationing families when posting summer tuition for a given week.

As any young fisherman will tell you, there’s more than one way to catch a fish. There’s also more than one way to manage child vacation hours. Continue reading

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