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Tracking Who Hasn’t Turned in Their Form

One thing is true about programs for children. There certainly is a lot of paperwork to keep track of – registration forms, physician reports, agency approvals, field trip permission slips – you name it. How do you keep track of who still needs to turn in which forms? Although you can sift through the pile of papers on your desk to see who did turn in their forms, it’s the opposite thing you really need to know – who did not. How can you easily generate a follow up list to see which families need a reminder?   Continue reading

So Many Categories to Choose From

Ever wondered why there are so many child and parent tracking categories available in ProCare? Things like Customer Group, Family Tracking, Classrooms, Programs, Bus Runs and Child Tracking can be used in a variety of ways. What are they all for? How are they different? Can I create my own? Continue reading

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