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Daycare Software – What size fits your Child Care Center?

As a daycare provider it’s important to choose management software that suits the needs and size of your child care center, preschool or similar place of early learning. With that in mind, ProCare Software offers a modular Daycare Computer Program so you choose only the components needed to manage your child-centered business in the most efficient and cost effective way. For smaller and home based daycare centers Mini-ProCare offers the same rich selection of features with affordable pricing and convenient payment plans. 

So what exactly is Mini-ProCare and how do you know which solution is right for your business?  Continue reading

Up to Date Enrollment Reports

Child care centers, daycare facilities, preschool and after school programs all need to keep up to date enrollment reports. Sometimes it’s even desirable to print a report showing historic enrollment, in other words, the number of children enrolled in a past period. This can be useful to establish staffing trends and to compare enrollment over periods of time. Another reason to run enrollment reports may be to satisfy Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) requirements showing the number of children enrolled at various reimbursement levels.    Continue reading

Watching Your Money Closer these Days?

I don’t know about you, but my family and I are certainly watching our money more closely these days. I suspect those of you who run your own daycare, child care center, summer camp program or similar child-centered business are doing the same. Everyone is uneasy. Gas prices are soaring, the “R” word keeps getting attention in economic news, and the markets are jittery. Is this really the right time to invest in Child Care Management Software or add additional modules to your current system? An excellent question to be sure. The answer may be clearer than you think.    Continue reading

Interview with ProCare’s Jeff Blum

Long time users of ProCare Child Care Management Software may be familiar with Jeff Blum, the owner, president and senior software developer for ProCare. Jeff has been a familiar face at early childhood conferences over the years, like the NAEYC and NCCA. Recently Mr. Blum was interviewed by the Medford Mail Tribune for an article on business leaders in Southern Oregon.    Continue reading

Apples, Oranges and Accounts Receivable

What do apples, oranges and bananas, have to do with accounts receivable and ProCare? In fact, what exactly is accounts receivable in the first place? Wikipedia offers a detailed explanation, but for our purposes it’s easiest to think of accounts receivable (known as AR) as money owed to your child care center. Continue reading

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