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Marketing Your Child Care: Webinar with Kris Murray

Pawn in a Chess GameWhat’s your next move? Marketing-wise I mean. You’d like to grow your child care business, hold your staff accountable and leverage technology to help, but you may feel like a pawn in the marketing game.

To help you plan a real marketing strategy for your child care business, Procare Software has teamed up with Kris Murray, president of Child Care Marketing Solutions, to offer an absolutely FREE WEBINAR on how to “Maximize Your Marketing”.

[This free child care marketing webinar was held Thursday, June 6, 2013.]

Video: Child Care Marketing Webinar

Learn to Maximize Your Marketing

In this live 1-hour broadcast, you’ll learn 3 highly effective strategies to focus your marketing efforts. Continue reading

How to Track Daycare Marketing & Enrollment

Preschool Teacher & Child Playing with BlocksWith the current economy, maintaining a stable and profitable enrollment base, as well as an updated and active waiting list, are key ingredients to the prosperity of your child care, daycare or preschool. Maintaining records to track the success of various advertising campaigns, new contacts generated, referral sources, and how many contacts move on to  become customers, are all important ingredients to successful growth.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at using Procare Software® to track these items so owners and directors can reliably see results.

Track Marketing Sources

Procare includes a very powerful database that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, extending way beyond the scope of daily child care management. One of these is a Customer Relationship Management database, or CRM.

Set Up Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Create the marketing items you wish to track. From Procare Home screen go to  Configuration > System > Database Management > Tracking Items & User Defined Fields. See: How to Set Up Tracking Continue reading

Marketing Dollars & Your Child Care Business

In a time when saving money on expenses is important, many child care business owners have started to take a closer look at the return on their marketing dollars.

Procare Software® can help both simplify the daily management of your center and keep your fingers on the pulse of your child care marketing efforts by allowing you to track and analyze the success of your marketing sources. For instance, let’s say in the last month you received 25 inquiries from your Yellow Pages ad but only 5 of those toured your center and 2 actually enrolled. Many people might say the Yellow Pages advertising is working well for them because they had 25 inquiries. On the other hand, your website yielded 15 new inquiries, 10 of those prospective families took a tour and 8 became new clients. Which provided you the greatest return on your investment? The website clearly had a much higher rate of new enrollment and, depending on the actual cost of each ad, it likely had a lower cost per lead as well.   Continue reading

Waiting List for Your Childcare

Are you still keeping track of children on the waiting list at your child care, daycare or preschool with paper and pencil, or perhaps a computer spreadsheet? Using Child Care Software specifically designed for the management of your center can help you more efficiently manage your waiting list and make more informed decisions about how to market your child care business.

In this article we’ll show you how Procare Software® can help you both manage your waiting list and keep track of how people found out about your center.  Continue reading

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