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Summer is here! Summer is here!

Now is the time to streamline
pre-registration, scheduling and forecasting of your enrollment and revenue.

If there were a town crier, he’d be excitedly running through the streets yelling, “Summer is coming! Summer is coming!” And it is… finally! We are beginning to see it everywhere: longer days, brighter skies, blooming flowers and for us in childcare, the management of summer and fall pre-registration.

For all of us in the child care industry, we are consistently preparing for the season ahead. Managing what’s going on now while predicting what will be coming up is a tall order and it certainly keeps everyone on their toes this time of year.

Procare Software® offers exciting new features designed to help early childhood administrators improve and streamline the process of pre-registration, scheduling and forecasting enrollment and revenue for future sessions so that centers can run profitably at full capacity. Continue reading

Daycare Software – What size fits your Child Care Center?

As a daycare provider it’s important to choose management software that suits the needs and size of your child care center, preschool or similar place of early learning. With that in mind, ProCare Software offers a modular Daycare Computer Program so you choose only the components needed to manage your child-centered business in the most efficient and cost effective way. For smaller and home based daycare centers Mini-ProCare offers the same rich selection of features with affordable pricing and convenient payment plans. 

So what exactly is Mini-ProCare and how do you know which solution is right for your business?  Continue reading

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