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Summer is here—there’s no better time!

How much time will you save in your child care center?

lemonadeProcare Software® helps child care professionals across the country save 40+ hours per month of administrative duties they were doing manually. With quicker access to information, point-and-click reporting and built-in processing, Procare helps you easily manage your center and analyze important staff and child information in seconds—giving you the time to develop your business and focus on the children.  

Features include:

  • Succinct tracking of enrollment and schedules
  • Immunization updates
  • Quickly post child tuition fees
  • Automatically collect tuition payments
  • Print/email statements and balance notifications
  • Communicate with parents and employees via messages at check-in, email or text blasts
  • Maintain logs for incident reports and milestones
  • Deposit reports and end-of-year tax statements
  • Roll call and sign in/out sheets, birthday reports, waiting lists, classroom ratios
  • Automated check-in for parents and employees
  • Accurate time card records and calculations
  • Let parents pay at check-in or online
  • And so much more!

The new school year is coming!

With the new school year coming up soon, now is the best opportunity to get going with your new system.. Financing is available to work easily within your budget. Please contact Procare at 800-338-3884 or visit us online.

How to Compare Child Care & Daycare Software

scalesHow do I find the best child care and daycare software program for my needs?
Choosing child care management software is an important investment of your time and financial resources. It requires research and careful consideration of the following items:

  1. Define your Goals: Which administrative tasks do you want to tackle? What parts of your center need improvement and streamlining? How can software simplify the management of your business?
  2. Features: Based on your goals, ensure the software includes the most essential modules and can grow with your business… Family Data, Family Accounting, Attendance Tracking and Employee Data are basic essentials which should be included in any package.
  3. Pricing: Make an educated choice based on value not just price. The smart decision will be the one that meets your goals and yields a return on your investment. Does the software include functionality to save time, money and  improve operational processes? Be sure to get a complete understanding of cost, fees and contract obligations.
  4. Consultation: Knowledgeable software consultants will help you determine how you’ll benefit from automation. Being experienced with daycare and child care management issues, including billing and accounting, your consultant should clearly understand your goals and needs.

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The Child Care Manager’s Checklist

Being a child care director is both a challenging and exceptionally rewarding job. The nuances of combining physical care and education in a nurturing environment require a special person, because there is so much to do. We honor professionals, like you, who make a difference every day.

We’ve created a mini-checklist for many of the management tasks in your center. See which ones apply to you.
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New ProCare Videos – Online Now

ProCare Software is pleased to announce the release of five new videos by Walnut Productions to help get the word out about ProCare Child Care Management Software. 

In each video segment you’ll hear the real story from child care business owners and directors who use ProCare every day. You’ll also learn about ProCare as a company and meet the people behind the scenes who dedicate each day to helping early childhood professionals choose the best solutions and get the most from their management software.     Continue reading

Search for a Family Across Multiple Locations

If you manage multiple locations for your child care business, you may know that ProCare offers a Multi-Site version of its Child Care Management Software. Multi-Site allows corporate, or other centers with various locations, to manage them all from a central office or at each individual location as needed.

Sometimes you may need to look up a family, child, or employee, but you don’t know which site they belong to. For example if you receive a check from Mary Smith, but don’t know which location her child attends. Or, perhaps you have more than one Mary Smith and it’s not clear which one she is. Problem solved! ProCare has a utility (see image) you can run to look people up by searching across all Multi-Site locations. There are two ways to get this time saving utility.    Continue reading

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