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A Car Seat for Your Daycare Data

Of course you know the motto “Safety First”. On field trips I’m certain every one of the toddlers and preschoolers in your care (and perhaps a teddy bear too) is lovingly helped into their car seats to keep them secure. You may even have posters displayed or a song to sing about being safe. In fact at my children’s elementary school “Be Safe” is the very first part of their school motto.

Car seats for children? Well, of course. That kind of precaution is so ingrained in us it’s practically automatic. But how is using a car seat in any way related to the childcare database entered on your computer? Well, your data is important for sure. Can you imagine losing all that accounting history – payments received, deposits made, balances owed – not to mention basic name, address and emergency contact information, immunizations and more? It could be not only time consuming, but perhaps impossible to accurately re-create.

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Save Procare Data to Your USB Drive

Not long ago a common ProCare Technical Support question appeared in our in box.

“When I make a Procare backup, the backup is going to my Fixed Disk Drive instead of my USB drive. How do I add another choice for my backup?”

This is a good question, but it really has two parts. First, what is the Fixed Drive anyway? And second, how do I back up to another device like a USB flash drive or thumb drive?  

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Help! My ProCare Data is Gone! How Do I Get My Information Back?

Every day, I hear from someone who has experienced their worst fear – their data is gone!  If you depend on ProCare Software to help manage your child care business you need a way to recover information when you have a computer failure.  In ProCare we use the Backup / Restore option, and in this article we’ll look at how to safeguard your data. Continue reading

Moving ProCare to a New Computer

A common question presents itself when getting a new computer. How do I move ProCare from my old computer to my new one? If you have a single desktop or laptop computer it’s easy to do. If your computer is part of a network there are a few additional considerations. It’s not rocket science, but depending on the complexity of your network you may need the help of a local computer technician.

The 4 Steps

There are four basic steps. Then we’ll get into more detail.

  1. Backup your Data (old computer)
  2. Install ProCare (new computer)
  3. Restore your Data (new computer)
  4. Register your Software (new computer)

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