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Staff Series: Tech Support Team

Every industry has their unsung heroes. In the child care management software industry, it is our Technical Support Team. Here’s a little information about them… Continue reading

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Tracking Unique Bits of Information with ProCare

In your wanderings through ProCare, you’ve probably come across the Child Tracking and Family Tracking boxes and maybe wondered, “What are these for?” Well, they are exactly the thing you might use to record the bits of information unique to your center! What things, you may ask? Continue reading

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What’s New with ProCare Time Clock 1.5?

Editor’s note: The time clock described in this article has been replaced by the Procare Touch Computer.

We recently released a major upgrade to the ProCare Time Clock, known as Time Clock 1.5. The keypad has a sleek new look with a brushed silver face. While the keypad has under the hood enhancements, a major area of change was in the software that communicates with the clock. This is VERY GOOD NEWS. It’s good because the updated software is available to you even if you have an original keypad. Continue reading

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Do Parents Question Your Attendance Billing?

Anyone who has a child care business has experienced, at one time or another, a parent questioning their billing methods. Are you billing correctly? Did you bill too much, not enough? Billing the right agencies for the right amounts? Money exchanging hands is always a tricky chore to handle. I’m writing today to let you in on a few tips to make this headache go away overnight! Continue reading

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Get an Insider’s View of ProCare

Hi everyone! I’m Phil Eschtruth Harrison the Communications Manager at ProCare Software. My role in the ProCare Blog is to help give you an insider’s view as to what is going on at ProCare and what we’re working on for the future of Child Care Management Software. Continue reading

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