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ChildCare Education Institute – A Great Resource!

Every so often we come across an organization that we feel would provide a great benefit to our users, ChildCare Education Institute is one such organization. We recognize the innovation of CCEI in their unique options for attaining necessary training hours. Offering accredited, self-paced training, CCEI provides distance learning options for childcare providers and is a quality leader in their field. Continue reading

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ProCare’s Report is ‘Off’ … Why?

When running reports in ProCare, you may sometimes experience something like “I ran my customer statements fine last time and now it’s wrong.” Or maybe, “Not everyone is showing up on my report.” To solve the riddle, we’ll look at how General and Specific reports work in ProCare and how report settings can affect the information you see. Continue reading

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How Does the Procare Time Clock Work?

Editor’s note: The time clock described in this article has been replaced by the Procare Touch Computer.

My last post about Procare Time Clock 1.5 was so popular I decided to write a bit more to explain how the Time Clock actually works and how it is connected to your computer or network. Thank you to everyone who emailed (and even called me!). Today’s post is a direct result of your input. Continue reading

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Staff Series: Tech Support Team

Every industry has their unsung heroes. In the child care management software industry, it is our Technical Support Team. Here’s a little information about them… Continue reading

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Tracking Unique Bits of Information with ProCare

In your wanderings through ProCare, you’ve probably come across the Child Tracking and Family Tracking boxes and maybe wondered, “What are these for?” Well, they are exactly the thing you might use to record the bits of information unique to your center! What things, you may ask? Continue reading

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