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ABCs of Child Care – And Then Some!

Starting a child care business can be hard work. It can be even harder to attract new families and maintain that business. We’ve gathered some of the ABCs of Child Care that will help to keep your business running smoothly!

Feel free to add one of your own tips in the comments and make sure to participate in the poll.

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How to Count Children in Active Families

Another good question recently came into our ProCare Tech Support email: 

When I do a “Count” of Active families, the number seems to include siblings who have previously withdrawn. Is there a way to exclude withdrawn siblings so the Active count displays only the number of children who are currently enrolled? 

It turns out this is a fairly common question; one to which there are a couple of different solutions.

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Stepped Rate Child Care Billing

The following question recently appeared in the ProCare Tech Support “IN” box.

“I am setting up our child care tuition fees, but we do not have weekly rates. Our billing uses a stepped rate charged ahead of time. Here’s our rate schedule:

Infant Rates

  • Up to 3 Hours/Day $21 (level 1)
  • Up to 4 Hours/Day $25 (level 2)
  • Up to 5 Hours/Day $29 (level 3)
  • Up to 6 Hours/Day $33 (level 4)
  • Daily MAX  $35 (level 5)

Please let me know how we can enter this to be billed according to the days they are scheduled in advance.”

You can absolutely do this kind of stepped rate billing in ProCare. In fact, one of our standard billing formulas fits this case perfectly.

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How to Charge Late Pick Up Fees

Do some families at your child care, daycare or preschool tend to pick their children up late, after your center is officially closed? Perhaps you’ve even read the article called The Unbearable Wrongness of Being Late from

You’re thinking you’d like to implement a Late Pick Up Fee but aren’t sure how to go about it. With the ProCare Attendance Tracker it’s easy to process Late Pick Up charges for all appropriate families at once.

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Hard to read tiny fonts? Make your online reading easier.

For some of us, in the over 40 set, it seems like fonts and text on web pages are getting smaller by the day. It can be almost like trying to read the letters in a bowl of alphabet soup. In fact, due to higher screen resolutions on new computer monitors everything does appear smaller than it used to. Fortunately some web sites now include easy ways to change the size of text on the page and current browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox have built in font management options.       Continue reading

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