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Procare Cloud—Online Services Redefined

Procare Cloud LogoDid you know that we’re one of the oldest kids on the block?

A new name for a long-established service

Procare Software has been offering cloud hosting to child care centers, preschools and after-school programs for many years, long before it became known as “the cloud”. Formerly known as Data Hosting, we’ve updated the name of this service to Procare Cloud.

What is a “cloud” anyway?

Today, this popular buzzword translates to “online” and means different things when you add words to it. For instance… Continue reading

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4 Child Care Accounting Tips for the New Year

January 2016 CalendarAs you’ve probably noticed, the calendar has moved to a new year—which is a great time to consider how to start the year right with your Child Care Management Software. You know… those common bookkeeping tasks needed to wrap up the last year and move forward into the new.

In this post we’ll reveal our top 4 tips for getting off to a great start. For those of you using Procare Software we’re also offering a free webinar on How to Start the Year Right (sign up here!) or watch a recorded version (below). Continue reading

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Top 5 Procare Blog Articles of 2015

Procare's Tucker the Penguin Celebrates the New YearThe end of 2015 is just a few days away, and it was a another super year for the Procare Blog! Thanks to all of you we got more than 64,132 views, along with some great comments and letters from you as well. Below is the top five countdown of our most popular posts of the year. Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Procare

There are so many great ways that Procare can help you run your center more efficiently. Discover the 12 Days of Procare and how you can handle time-consuming administrative work with just a few clicks of the mouse. Read on, or if you wish, sing along!
Continue reading

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3 Steps to Efficient Child Care Payroll

Ferris WheelDoes payday at your early learning center sometimes feel like you’re going ‘round and ‘round on a Ferris wheel? With so many repetitive tasks—like totaling hours and figuring out withholdings—it can be easy to miss something as you repeat the cycle one employee at a time. This is especially true if you have more than a handful of checks to calculate.

There is a simpler way!

Imagine auto-calculating all the checks at once and having the proper amount deposited directly into each staff member’s bank account. There’d be no more last minute mistakes and no need for staff to rush to the bank with paper checks in hand. Continue reading

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