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January Giveaway With a Twist!

$500 Giveaway$500 towards your school’s fund raising efforts!

ProCare Software wanted to start the New Year right, so we’re beginning with a HUGE giveaway!

Consider the following scenario,

Jimmy is enrolled in your child care center for Tuesday and Thursday, full days. But once a month, his mom brings him on Mondays as well. It was so infrequent, and you’ve been so busy, that you barely noticed when Jimmy started showing up more. It took you a couple months to notice, and now that you have, you realize you should probably mention it to Jimmy’s mom.  Continue reading

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December Giveaway Winner Announced!

There were lots of great responses to our December Giveaway Contest!

The randomly chosen winner is commenter #4 – Sara Gurley of Celebration Kids in South Pasadena, CA.

Sara wrote,

We ordered the reusable grocery bags like the kind you can buy at the market to reuse when you shop. We put our logo on them and sold them to families. That way they don’t feel guilty when they go to the store with another store’s bag. Good advertising for us as well as earning money for the center.”

Congratulations Sara! We hope you enjoy shopping at

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December Giveaway!

To celebrate our 100th post, the ProCare Blog team is excited to announce our great December Giveaway!

Simply comment on the post to the following question.Balloons

How have you raised money for your child care center? This could include great fund-raising ideas, donation campaigns, advertising, or events you’ve held to help your center.

The chosen commenter will receive a $100 gift certificate to to purchase whatever they’d like for their center.

Contest will close on Monday the 22nd of December. Winners will be announced that afternoon.

Contest entries are now closed. Winner will be announced soon!

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November Giveaway Winner!

We have chosen a random winner, and that person is commenter number 14,

Joan Beaudoin of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Christian Childhood Center in Saratoga Springs, New York!

Congratulations Joan!

Joan said this of her holiday traditions,

After reading all of the other comments, I would say we enjoy doing the same things that all the other children do each year. We have a “Blessings Banquet” for families to share in the thankfulness of the season and at Christmas we are able to share the excitement of Jesus’ birth with the children. We have a Christmas Service where the children hear the Christmas story and then they sing songs they have been practicing for their parents. My favorite part of this is that there is always several children who lift their dresses up or pick their nose or laugh hysterically. You can always count on them to be kids!

Joan and her center will receive a package of early education software for the children from

Thanks to all who entered, and stay tuned for an exciting December giveaway!

Warm Regards –


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