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Summer is here—there’s no better time!

How much time will you save in your child care center?

lemonadeProcare Software® helps child care professionals across the country save 40+ hours per month of administrative duties they were doing manually. With quicker access to information, point-and-click reporting and built-in processing, Procare helps you easily manage your center and analyze important staff and child information in seconds—giving you the time to develop your business and focus on the children.  

Features include:

  • Succinct tracking of enrollment and schedules
  • Immunization updates
  • Quickly post child tuition fees
  • Automatically collect tuition payments
  • Print/email statements and balance notifications
  • Communicate with parents and employees via messages at check-in, email or text blasts
  • Maintain logs for incident reports and milestones
  • Deposit reports and end-of-year tax statements
  • Roll call and sign in/out sheets, birthday reports, waiting lists, classroom ratios
  • Automated check-in for parents and employees
  • Accurate time card records and calculations
  • Let parents pay at check-in or online
  • And so much more!

The new school year is coming!

With the new school year coming up soon, now is the best opportunity to get going with your new system.. Financing is available to work easily within your budget. Please contact Procare at 800-338-3884 or visit us online.

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Mythbusters: Fingerprint Check-In for Child Care

Child Walking in SnowThere’s something special about snow. Maybe it’s the crunch, crunch under your feet, the fun of making a snowball or the pure beauty of it covering the hillsides. But there’s something else too. Something that is fascinating to consider—that no two snowflakes are alike.

Like snowflakes, each of our fingerprints is unique and that makes fingerprint recognition an ideal way to confirm a person’s identity. It’s much better than an ID card (which can be lost or stolen) or a PIN and password you have to remember. But when it comes to having parents check their children in, some people have concerns about using their fingerprint. Continue reading

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Daycare Centers Turn to Biometrics

Biometric Check-In for Childcare, Daycare or PreschoolWe are excited to announce that software consultant Shawna DeVore was mentioned in the July 24th edition of USA Today! The article also features long-time Procare customers Playhouse Child Care Center in Sartell, MN and The Learning Curve in Gilbert, AZ.

See USA Today article: Daycare Centers Turn to Biometrics

That’s all for today. Until next time, cheers!


P.S. A similar story was reported by WFMY News of Greeensboro, NC. See: Day Care Centers Increase Security with Biometric Technology

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Plan “B” for Your Child Care Check In Station

Mom Checking InMaybe the Check In station at your daycare center or preschool has temporarily failed, or you don’t even have a Check In station at all. What is your “plan B” strategy for an alternate way to record attendance times for children if a Check In computer is not available? Computers can be down for a variety of reasons and it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place at those times, to reduce stress and keep your workflow going smoothly. With Procare Software® and the Attendance Tracker program you have a nifty alternate way to get kids checked in or out using the Receptionist feature. All you need is a working Procare computer available and a staff person to operate it. The Receptionist will let you quickly record times with the authorized person’s initials and the current date and time. Continue reading

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Track Employee Training and Certifications

Is Marjorie current on her CPR class? How many CE (Continuing Ed) hours does Elizabeth have so far this year?  Childcare centers must know that employees are keeping up with periodic continuing education hours and  health-and-safety related certifications.  Fortunately, Employee Data Software from  Procare lets you track just those types of requirements and training hours.

What are the options?

You can use either the Employee Requirements or Benefit Hours features, or both, depending on your situation. Continue reading

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