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Daycare Payroll: 2013 Tax Changes

Payroll CheckIf you operate a child care business, you’ll want to know how recent changes to payroll related taxes may affect your daycare payroll for 2013.

Federal Income Tax

Rates will remain the same for persons making up to $400,000 per year ($450,000 for married couples filing jointly). Although the tables are slightly different for 2013, there will be very little difference in the amount withheld for persons under these thresholds.

Social Security

The employee share of Social Security reverts back to its previous rate of 6.2%. In recent years the rate had been temporarily reduced to 4.2% to help spur consumer spending and aid the economy. That provision has expired, so employees will see 2% more coming out of their checks in 2013 for Social Security. If you happen to post your first payroll or two of the New Year using the old rates, and are using Daycare Payroll Software from Procare, don’t worry. The difference will be made up on the next paycheck issued to each person, once you install Tax Tables for the New Year. The Social Security withholding will be automatically adjusted to account for the increase. Continue reading

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Daycare Payroll: Eliminate Overtime

Prevent Unauthorized Overtime

Get a handle on staff overtime at your child care, daycare or preschool, with Employee Data and Check In Solutions from Procare Software®. The built-in schedule adherence feature lets you limit employee check in and out times to the hours for which you have scheduled each person. Continue reading

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Daycare Payroll: 2011 Tax Changes

2011 changes coming…

With Federal Social Security changes on the way, you have peace of mind knowing that Daycare Payroll from Procare Software® will handle these changes with ease.  Each year, new tax table formulas are offered for download shortly after the beginning of the year. Procare makes these changes available as soon as possible once we can confirm the final settings from each state and the federal government. In many cases state and federal regulations are not finalized until the very last minute. Continue reading

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Holiday & Vacation Pay Revisited

HollyAt this time of year, with the holidays and some vacation time likely, it makes sense to revisit a few previous articles. Each article includes step-by-step instructions on how to use Procare Software® to easily record holiday and vacation hours for employees at your child care, daycare or preschool. Continue reading

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Daycare Payroll: Employee Advance / Loan

Employee needs a short-term loan for an unexpected expense

Lillian, your employee of some 12 years, has experienced an unexpected visit to the emergency room and needs help.  She requests a loan of $150 as an advance against her next paycheck. You sympathize with her circumstances, and agree to the loan. But how do you tactfully get the money repaid in a timely manner?

In this article, we’ll explain how to issue a payroll advance using Daycare Payroll Software from Procare, and how to automatically deduct the amount from a future paycheck to repay the loan. You may also choose to phase in the repayment over several checks as needed.

Continue reading

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