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Efficiently Manage Your Summer Camps

Boys LaughingDoes your child care center, daycare or after school program offer summer day camps or other special programs during the summer months? If so, you’ll probably find there is a lot to keep track of such as who is enrolled for each week of camp, how to generate camp rosters and roll call sheets, and how to record summer camp fees.

In this article we’ll explore how Procare Software® can help you more efficiently manage your summer programs. You may also be interested in how to accept Prepaid Deposits for Summer. Continue reading

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Automate Childcare Billing & Email Statements

How long does it take you to record weekly, monthly, hourly and late pick up fees for your child care center, daycare or preschool? If you’re still using a hand kept ledger book it may take the better part of a day. Even if you have moved to a computerized spreadsheet you’re still spending more time than needed. With Daycare Software you’ll simplify the daily management of your child-centered business and streamline the billing process. Tasks that used to take hours (or more) may now be handled in minutes (or less). In fact, you may even print or email statements to all your families at once.

In a previous article we explained how to Set Up Recurring Tuition Fees such as weekly, monthly or hourly rates. In this article we’ll explore using Procare Software® to quickly process all those fees (and email statements) to all families at once.  Continue reading

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Schedule Child Care Fees by Date

statementIf you work in early childhood education running a childcare center, daycare or preschool you’re certain to be familiar with weekly and monthly tuition fees charged to families and subsidizing agencies. In fact you may even use Procare Software to help with daily child care management tasks, especially when it comes to charging recurring child care fees.

With Procare, Child Care Billing may be automated by setting up regular billing cycles like “Weekly” and “Monthly” to easily process tuition charges for all families at once. This is a great time saver, but of course sometimes fees change based on the calendar. You may charge one amount during the school year and another for summer. Or, the rates may change when a child reaches a certain age and moves to a new classroom. Wouldn’t it be great if that weekly amount could be tied to particular dates on the calendar – allowing the amount to change automatically based on the dates entered? Continue reading

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Reporting Payroll Hours for your Child Care Business

42-16072097Recently this question came in to the ProCare Tech Support team. Perhaps your child care business could use payroll reports like this too.

“I need to produce a summary report containing employee name, straight  time and overtime hours and their hourly pay rate.”

This turns out to be an easy one. ProCare Software already includes a Daycare Payroll report with all that information. In fact, ProCare can automatically calculate payroll and withholdings and print payroll checks, as well as offering many standard payroll reports.      Continue reading

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How to Count Children in Active Families

Another good question recently came into our ProCare Tech Support email: 

When I do a “Count” of Active families, the number seems to include siblings who have previously withdrawn. Is there a way to exclude withdrawn siblings so the Active count displays only the number of children who are currently enrolled? 

It turns out this is a fairly common question; one to which there are a couple of different solutions.

  Continue reading

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