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Theo Demetropoulos

Apples & Oranges in Daycare Accounting

Have you ever tried to compare two child care accounting reports and been puzzled why the numbers don’t always match up? Long time readers may recall the article Apples, Oranges and Accounts Receivable, which had a similar theme.

For today’s take on comparing apples to oranges, we’re pleased to welcome guest blogger, Steve Suarez, from the Technical Support team at Procare Software®.

Deposit Reports and the Charge Credit Summary

Many people try to tie their Deposit Reports to their Charge Credit Summary reports as a check to see that all funds have been deposited correctly.

Although it’s possible the payment totals could match up on these two reports, often they do not. That’s not an indication that anything is wrong, it’s just that apples (Deposit Reports) don’t necessarily look like oranges (Charge Credit Summaries). Continue reading

Provider Appreciation Day

providerappflyer2009-logo1The annual Provider Appreciation Day is quickly approaching. May 8th, 2009, will be the day to recognize and celebrate child care providers everywhere!

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ProCare Software on Twitter

Perhaps you’ve seen our Twitter links on the bottom of our postings lately. Maybe you’ve heard about Twitter from the Ellen Show (@TheEllenShow) or you saw what President Obama did with Twitter to get his supporters to rally (@BarackObama). One thing is for sure, Twitter is everywhere. With an estimated 5 million users, Twitter, the micro-blogging community, is growing.

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Kid Friendly Recipe – Pizza Sticks!

Boy ready to eat a pizzaHere’s a fun and easy recipe that all the kids are sure to enjoy. I don’t know about the kids in your care, but my kids at home love pizza. They don’t care if its homemade, out of a box, or from a pizza parlor, they just go gaga for it. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d share this fun and easy pizza stick recipe that’s sure to be a hit with your crowd.

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NACCRRA Offers New Parent Service


For any provider or parent that is familiar with NACCRRA, you know the many benefits of involvement in their organization. Recently they sweetened the deal. A new parent’s website was launched, and it really is a great resource for parents and child care provider’s alike.

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