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Theo Demetropoulos

How to Compare Child Care & Daycare Software

scalesHow do I find the best child care and daycare software program for my needs?
Choosing child care management software is an important investment of your time and financial resources. It requires research and careful consideration of the following items:

  1. Define your Goals: Which administrative tasks do you want to tackle? What parts of your center need improvement and streamlining? How can software simplify the management of your business?
  2. Features: Based on your goals, ensure the software includes the most essential modules and can grow with your business… Family Data, Family Accounting, Attendance Tracking and Employee Data are basic essentials which should be included in any package.
  3. Pricing: Make an educated choice based on value not just price. The smart decision will be the one that meets your goals and yields a return on your investment. Does the software include functionality to save time, money and  improve operational processes? Be sure to get a complete understanding of cost, fees and contract obligations.
  4. Consultation: Knowledgeable software consultants will help you determine how you’ll benefit from automation. Being experienced with daycare and child care management issues, including billing and accounting, your consultant should clearly understand your goals and needs.

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Introducing SaniBaby from Procare

Keeping toys and children clean is paramount
But how to handle this ongoing task? Introducing…Logo: SaniBaby by Procare

You may have heard of the new sanitizing machines which allow you to load multiple racks of toys for 100% sanitization by the next day. You simply gather the toys and place them on large baking-style sheets, insert the trays into the machine and press the clean button. With proprietary technology, this high-tech wonder organically sanitizes all of the toys for safe play. It’s a sure-fire winner.

As you know, at Procare we’re on a constant quest to make child care better. Our child care management system saves centers 40+ hours each month by automating time-consuming tasks—such as automated billing, electronic payment collection, scheduling, immunizations, and attendance tracking. And now we’ve gone a step further… Continue reading

3 Easy Steps: Back Up Child Care Data to the Cloud

Toy Boats in the RainWhen the weather is stormy, there’s nothing more important than finding a safe harbor—that’s especially true where protecting your child care database is concerned.

At Procare Software, the last thing our support technicians like to hear is “my computer crashed and I don’t have a backup of my data.” With that in mind, there’s a great way to ensure your data is backed up safely—by having Procare automatically copy your backup to a cloud-based storage location (like Dropbox or OneDrive). You’ll have an off-site backup to protect you in the event something happens to your main computer—which would be a very rainy day indeed. Continue reading

Stormy Weather? Keep Your Child Care Data Safe

Girl with umbrella in stormy weather.Here we are in the midst of April and the weather forecast isn’t looking much like spring. Our Procare campus is located in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Oregon region, nestled in the Rogue Valley. Our snow accumulation this year is extremely low, with a nonexistent snowpack. We have been without significant “weather events” this year, unlike the East Coast. With all of the predictions calling for more snow, ice, wind, or tornados for much of the nation, are you prepared? If you happen to be utilizing Procare Data Hosting Services, you are better prepared to handle any emergency situation.

Data Hosting allows you access to Procare information from any high-speed, internet-connected device. How convenient would it be to log in from your home computer (on a snow day or any day) to keep tabs on recent activity, run reports, or enter data that you just didn’t have time to get to before the bad weather hit? Continue reading

Charging Extra to Families that Pay by Credit Card

Pay by Credit CardA question we’ve been hearing more of lately is: “Can I charge an extra fee to families that use a credit card to pay for child care services?”

We’re pleased to have Dan Richards, from the Procare Tuition Express team, to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Surcharge Rules are Changing

As of January 27, 2013, the rules prohibiting surcharging of Visa and MasterCard transactions by merchants are changing. Though the changes allow you to pass fees on to your customers (on certain cards) we believe the rules are cumbersome and that managing the surcharges for your child care business would be difficult. Continue reading

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