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Get’em Clean—Make’m Sheen!

When you spend time with the kids outdoors, you often find that you will also spend a lot of time doing cleanup when the recreational period is over. Mud, dust and grass stains can take up your afternoon. Need a nifty way to get the kids spiffy for the afternoon pick up? Procare Software® can get your kids spiffy in a jiffy!

With the success of our Diaper Dipper® launch last year, we’ve created the all new Spiffy Portal®.

With Spiffy Portal you will no longer need to wash faces, clean hands and feet or worry about dirty knees. Just plunk a child into the outdoor portal chamber and press the big green button. Our patented ionic warping technology “beams” children up and within seconds they will arrive in the building—clean dry and well… spiffy!

The programmable interface allows you to designate the room/location that the child should return to. This saves time ferrying the children down long hallways and through multiple doorways after outdoor play—just one more way that Procare helps you efficiently manage the time in your center.

APRIL FOOLS! Spiffy Portal might be a work of fiction but there IS a portal solution from Procare. Our all new “Parent Portal” known as MyProcare® works in tandem with the Procare Cloud® and allows parents to access and update information or pay their tuition online with their phone, tablet or PC.

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