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The Child Care Manager’s Checklist

Being a child care director is both a challenging and exceptionally rewarding job. The nuances of combining physical care and education in a nurturing environment require a special person, because there is so much to do. We honor professionals, like you, who make a difference every day.

We’ve created a mini-checklist for many of the management tasks in your center. See which ones apply to you.

  • Receive payments
    While receiving just one payment might seem like a small thing, accepting the check, writing a receipt and recording it in a ledger or spreadsheet can be a 5 minute task. Easy, right? If you have 60 families and you’re handing payments this way twice a month, you could be spending up to 10 hours on managing payments alone. Procare’s Tuition Express® gives you easy options to process all payments at once or let parents pay at check-in and online. Since it’s fully integrated with Procare, each payment is automatically posted the the family’s ledger.
  • Maintain Room Ratios
    Juggling teachers, aides and children between rooms is an all-day, everyday chore. If one teacher goes on a break, you could go over your limit. Procare’s dashboard offers you at-a-glance classroom counts and shows any that may be understaffed.
  • Track Meals
    You know the drill—climbing a mountain of paperwork each month to compile your meal reports. If you’re participating in the CACFP and you’re not using Procare’s Meal Tracker to handle meal counts and help with reporting., you’re working too hard.
  • Laugh at your bottom line
    Weekly and monthly financial tracking in itself, is a full-time job. If you don’t have a full-time bookkeeper on staff, you know that tracking, reporting, and reconciling takes time. Procare’s Expenses and Ledger module handles these tasks and more… tracking expenses, generating overall financial reports, and helping you manage your budget all year long.

Janet Brien
Procare Software

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The Child Care Manager's Checklist
Article Name
The Child Care Manager's Checklist
We’ve created a mini-checklist for many of the management tasks in your center.
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