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Easiest Diaper Change Ever!

Diaper Dipper - Instant Diaper ChangesIntroducing the all-new Diaper Dipper® !
A revolutionary product from the people who brought you SaniBaby® .

We all know the messy routine of the changing table. Do you spend a large part of your day changing diapers? It’s time to put an end to “hands-on” diaper changes in your child care center or preschool.

Recognizing the need, the practical thinkers in the Research and Development Department at Procare Software started at the bottom to create the ultimate solution—a convenient, speedy and economical way to handle even the most complicated diaper changes.

World’s Easiest Diaper Changes!

With Diaper Dipper, you need only remove the child’s outer garment and lower them into the open-top sanitizing cylinder. Then, press the convenient (hands-free) foot lever and hold for just 10 seconds. Release the lever; lift the baby and viola, a freshly changed infant! Choose from a variety of fresh-scent options, including: pine forest, lemon verbena, pumpkin spice and natural baby scent.

But Wait, There’s More!

As an additional benefit, there’s no waste! Diaper Dipper doubles as a diaper recycling device. All diapers are sanitized with the same award-winning process created for the popular SaniBaby.

Act Now!

For a limited time, we’ll include the patented Powder Puff® attachment for instant baby bum powder application!

Of course by now you know this is just our annual April Fools’ joke. But one thing that’s not a joke is how Procare Software® saves you time by automating your center and tuition collection. We can’t really sell you a Diaper Dipper, but we can offer you the most recommended Child Care Management Software and Check-In Solutions available.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

– Andy Spliethof, VP Creative Services

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Easiest Diaper Change Ever!
Article Name
Easiest Diaper Change Ever!
Put an end to "hands-on" diaper changes in your child care center or preschool with the Diaper Dipper—a miracle diaper changing solution!
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