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A new name for a long-established service

Procare Software has been offering cloud hosting to child care centers, preschools and after-school programs for many years, long before it became known as “the cloud”. Formerly known as Data Hosting, we’ve updated the name of this service to Procare Cloud.

What is a “cloud” anyway?

Today, this popular buzzword translates to “online” and means different things when you add words to it. For instance…

  • Cloud computing: working from anywhere that has an internet connection, which could be your child development center, your home or even a tropical beach!
  • Cloud provider: a company that offers access to software and data (via the internet). Google, is an example of a cloud provider.
  • Cloud hosting: backup and storage of data on remote servers—typically a data facility with many servers.

Simply put, the “cloud” means documents, pictures and information are stored on specialized, high-capacity computers connected to the internet. Due to the global nature of the internet, files can be physically stored on the other side of the country, yet easily accessed as if they were on your own computer.

What can Procare Cloud do for you?

When you choose to have your data hosted in the Procare Cloud, there are many benefits:

  1. Mobility—You’ll have access your data at any time from any Procare-enabled computer with a high-speed internet connection.
  2. Web Apps—You’ll get free web-based apps that let you view data (like emergency contacts and customer balances), as well as do curbside check-in on your handheld device.
  3. Security—Your priceless data is automatically backed up every night without doing a thing.
  4. Free Updates Included—Procare updates are free and happen automatically—a savings of $125/year!
  5. MyProcare—Coming soon, Procare’s online portal for parents, known as MyProcare!

We’ve perfected our service over many years to make your experience effortless. Redefine the way you do business—with Procare Cloud.


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Procare Cloud—Online Software for Child Care
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Procare Cloud—Online Software for Child Care
Learn the benefits of hosting your child care or preschool data in the cloud, including: mobility, web apps, automatic backups, free software updates and an online parent portal.
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