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3 Steps to Efficient Child Care Payroll

Ferris WheelDoes payday at your early learning center sometimes feel like you’re going ‘round and ‘round on a Ferris wheel? With so many repetitive tasks—like totaling hours and figuring out withholdings—it can be easy to miss something as you repeat the cycle one employee at a time. This is especially true if you have more than a handful of checks to calculate.

There is a simpler way!

Imagine auto-calculating all the checks at once and having the proper amount deposited directly into each staff member’s bank account. There’d be no more last minute mistakes and no need for staff to rush to the bank with paper checks in hand.

Payroll Software for Child Care

Using software specifically designed for child care management is a super-efficient way to handle both your Employee Data and Payroll needs, especially with the new Batch Payroll feature from Procare Software.

Payroll in three easy steps:

  1. Your staff checks in—which records their hours on an Electronic Time Clock.
  2. You calculate all checks at once—using the Batch Payroll feature.
  3. You create a direct deposit file for your bank—with the Free Direct Deposit Tool.

Stop going in circles. Let us help you get your payroll off the ground, and until next time, cheers!


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3 Steps to Efficient Child Care Payroll
Article Name
3 Steps to Efficient Child Care Payroll
Don't go around in circles with payroll at your child care. Auto-calculate paychecks for all staff at once and have the proper amount deposited directly into each employee’s bank account.
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