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7 Tips: Back to School with Procare

Preschoolers ready to go back to schoolThe new school year is just around the corner and you have some time-consuming tasks to do in preparation. Save time with Procare! There are several special functions and menus to help streamline the steps during this busy time of year.

Here are 7 time-saving tips:

#1 Registration Fees

Many schools charge registration fees upon enrollment. This is usually an annual charge that occurs either on a family/child anniversary month (a child enrolled in May is charged each year in May) or at the beginning of the school year. You can quickly charge registration fees to many families at once, depending on the way your registration fees work.

  • Use Selected Accounts Billing to charge a registration fee for each enrolled child. Set the filter to children enrolled as of a certain date; a family with 2 children would be charged twice. If the amount varies per child or family you can change it on the review screen.
  • Or, set up an Annual Registration Fee by Month to charge families with a child who originally enrolled during a particular month (their anniversary month).

#2 Batch Enrollment

Change the enrollment status of many children at once; for example, children who were on “Summer Break” may be returning as “Enrolled” for the fall. The Batch Enrollment tool makes this kind of change a snap!

Use Procare to re-enroll many children at once

#3 Classroom Graduation

The Classroom Graduation function helps you change the primary classroom for many children at once. For instance, you may want to move all (or most) of the children currently in Pre-K to the Kindergarten room at the start of the school year.

#4 Rate Changes

Many preschools and early learning centers change tuition rates at the beginning of the school year. Weekly or monthly rates are easily adjusted for everyone at once using the Update button on the Standard Amounts screen. If you use Billing Formulas, you’ll edit the amount in the formula itself. If you altered the default charge in the formula for a family, the override value will remain in effect.

Easily update child care rates with Procare

How to Increase Rates without Rocking the Boat is an article from a few years ago, but the techniques and tips haven’t changed.

#5 Enrollment Reports

Use the reports located under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Child Enrollment. There are several to choose from. A good one for back-to-school is called “Enrolled Children by Classroom”. The first page gives totals, like “Preschool (12)”. For more details (child names, dates, age) double-click the classroom name to expand that section of the report.

Expand child care enrollment reports in Procare

#6 School Year Schedules

Use Schedule Templates to save time, then Assign a Schedule to each child with start and end dates that match the school year. You can enter Batch Schedule Overrides for days that will vary from the norm (like school out days) and indicate any days your Center is Closed.

#7 Watch the Back-to-School Webinar

You may also want to sign up for our Back-to-School Webinar (or watch a recorded version) which focuses on these topics.

Here’s wishing you a great back-to-school season!

– Steve Suarez, Training Specialist

If you have questions or comments about this article (or suggestions for another article) I’d be pleased to hear from you. Drop me a note at

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7 Tips: Back to School with Procare
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7 Tips: Back to School with Procare
Learn 7 time-saving tips for using Procare Software during the back-to-school season.
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