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Allergy Tracking for Child Care & Preschool

Mom and Child in Grassy Field with FlowersLying in a grassy field of dandelions is a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon—unless a child in your care suffers from allergies.

Since keeping track of child allergies in your preschool or early learning center is a necessity, you’ll want an efficient way to organize the information. Using a database designed for child care management will give you the ability to record any type of child and family information you may need, including allergies, immunizations, schedules, programs, emergency contacts and basic demographics.

For users of Procare Software, allergy tracking just got easier. Now you can download a prebuilt allergy list directly within Procare!

Make Your Own List

You’ve always been able to create your own lists of information and print hard copies or export them to a spreadsheet for further manipulation. Lists include information you select, such as each child’s name, classroom, date of birth, and so on. Procare’s built-in Data Viewer is a tool that allows you to arrange child and parent information into a customized format for your use. For examples of how to build your own lists (known as Data Views), see: Videos on using the Data Viewer.

Download the New Allergy List!

What’s new is an allergy list template that’s ready to use “as is”, and can be easily customized. Prerequisite: To make use of this list (a.k.a. Data View), you will need to have different types of allergies (dairy, nuts, penicillin) set up in a Child Tracking Group named “Allergies”.

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to Reports > Data Viewer.
    Procare Data Viewer Menu
  2. Open the Family Data section, then click once on Child Information (Tracking) and choose Browse (lower left).
    Browse to Available Data Viewer Templates
  3. Select Allergy List by Classroom and click Install.
    Install a Child Allergy List by Classroom

Download Class Email and Emergency Contact Lists

Other prebuilt templates are available using the Browse button (described above) for different categories. For example, under the Child Relationships section you’ll find a Class Email List, as well as Class Emergency Contacts.

Track Allergies in Different Ways

Using Child Tracking (described above) is a good option when you simply want to assign the allergies that apply to each child; however, if you need to enter additional information about specific children, you’ll want an alternate method to track allergies. See: Allergies using the child’s Comment box and Allergies with User Defined Fields.

Let’s hope your fields are green and the air is pollen free, and until next time, cheers!


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Allergy Tracking for Child Care & Preschool
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Allergy Tracking for Child Care & Preschool
Learn ways to track child allergies more efficiently in your child care or preschool. Download an allergy template in Procare.
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