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Running the Payday Race at Your Preschool?

Race to the Finish LineCross the Finish Line with Direct Deposit

You know the routine. It’s payday at your preschool or child care business, but it feels like “race day” both for you and your staff. As the owner or director you’re pressing to get payroll checks calculated, while your staff is antsy about hurrying to the bank to deposit their earnings.

Wouldn’t you like to stop racing around and create a win-win situation for everyone? It’s easier than you think! By finding the right tool to streamline the process of doing payroll and handling direct deposit for your employees, you’ll cross the finish line without even running the race.

Simplify Daycare Payroll

The hardest part about doing payroll is making sure you get all the withholdings figured out properly. There are federal and state income taxes to deal with, along with Social Security and Medicare. You may have other things too, like health insurance and a retirement plan—some of which may require pretax calculations. Using payroll software designed for child care, like Procare Payroll, makes it easy. A click on the Quick Calculate button is all it takes.

Procare Quickly Calculates Payroll for Your Preschool

Direct Deposit for Your Child Care Staff

Procare also offers a free, direct deposit tool that integrates with the payroll module to create a direct deposit file for your bank. With direct deposit, payroll funds are electronically transferred from the center’s bank account right into the account of each staff member. Ask your bank about their policies for processing your direct deposit file. And if you’re already using Procare Payroll, see: Download Procare’s Direct Deposit Tool.

Free Direct Deposit Authorization Form

No matter what system you use, you’ll need authorization from each employee who wants to participate, including the routing and account numbers for their bank. Use this Free Direct Deposit Authorization Form (courtesy of Procare Software) or create your own.

Here’s to making payday a winning event for everyone, and until next time, cheers!


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Running the Payday Race at Your Preschool?
Article Name
Running the Payday Race at Your Preschool?
Learn how to streamline the process of doing payroll, and how to handle direct deposit, for teachers and staff at your child care, daycare or preschool.
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