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Stormy Weather? Keep Your Child Care Data Safe

Girl with umbrella in stormy weather.Here we are in the midst of April and the weather forecast isn’t looking much like spring. Our Procare campus is located in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Oregon region, nestled in the Rogue Valley. Our snow accumulation this year is extremely low, with a nonexistent snowpack. We have been without significant “weather events” this year, unlike the East Coast. With all of the predictions calling for more snow, ice, wind, or tornados for much of the nation, are you prepared? If you happen to be utilizing Procare Data Hosting Services, you are better prepared to handle any emergency situation.

Data Hosting allows you access to Procare information from any high-speed, internet-connected device. How convenient would it be to log in from your home computer (on a snow day or any day) to keep tabs on recent activity, run reports, or enter data that you just didn’t have time to get to before the bad weather hit?

Convenient Web-based Apps

Included only with Data Hosting are Procare Web Apps. You’re able to manage business on the go with capabilities such as running reports from your smartphone, iPad, or similar tablet. Get real-time reports, look up emergency contacts, see who is checked in and who owes you money, view revenue totals, and even check your bank balance. Use the Check-In App for curbside check-in, bus runs, and remote locations (requires Family Data and Attendance Tracker).

Access During Emergency Situations

These are just a few examples of how Procare Data Hosting makes sense. We have also heard from customers who have lost access to their centers for a number of unforeseeable reasons (fire, flood, burst pipes, and so on). They had been in the midst of chaos, and being able to access Procare—through Data Hosting—brought a sense of calm and control to the situation, as they put their business back together.

I invite you to Learn More about Data Hosting Services and spend a few minutes pondering the question “What do we do in an emergency?” Data Hosting Services could help ease the angst in the middle of trying times.

By: Darla Waldron, Manager of Administrative Services

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Stormy Weather? Keep Your Child Care Data Safe
Article Name
Stormy Weather? Keep Your Child Care Data Safe
Access your child care database, even during stormy weather and unforeseen emergencies, by using Data Hosting services from Procare Software.
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