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Marketing Your Child Care: Webinar with Kris Murray

Pawn in a Chess GameWhat’s your next move? Marketing-wise I mean. You’d like to grow your child care business, hold your staff accountable and leverage technology to help, but you may feel like a pawn in the marketing game.

To help you plan a real marketing strategy for your child care business, Procare Software has teamed up with Kris Murray, president of Child Care Marketing Solutions, to offer an absolutely FREE WEBINAR on how to “Maximize Your Marketing”.

[This free child care marketing webinar was held Thursday, June 6, 2013.]

Video: Child Care Marketing Webinar

Learn to Maximize Your Marketing

In this live 1-hour broadcast, you’ll learn 3 highly effective strategies to focus your marketing efforts.

As a participant, you will learn how to implement a simple, yet powerful, enrollment-building system for your child care, daycare or preschool. At the same time, you’ll be able to hold your staff more accountable and save dozens of hours each month.

Kris will explain each strategy in depth and provide real world “case study” examples on exactly how other child care owners and directors implemented these strategies, and most importantly, what kind of results they achieved from doing so. You’ll also learn how Child Care Management Software can help you make the right moves in tracking the marketing and enrollment information you’ll need to succeed.

Join Us June 6th

If you’re a child care center owner or director, this free marketing webinar is for you. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to grow your child care business.

I’ll be there. How about you? Until next time, cheers!


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Marketing Your Child Care: Webinar with Kris Murray
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