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Procare Software: Top 5 Articles for 2012

HourglassAs the hourglass winds down on 2012, I’d like to thank you, our loyal readers in the child care field, for helping the Procare Software blog to have a record year in 2012. With over 76,000 visits (208 each day) our annual viewership has more than doubled since our first post back in 2008.

A traditional way to end the year is to highlight the most popular posts over the past twelve months. I know I’m always curious to see which articles you found most interesting and helpful. Perhaps you’re curious too?

So here they are, in reverse order, the TOP FIVE articles for 2012.

# 5 – Be Prepared, Not Alarmed

How will you run your child care business when your computer isn’t working, your internet connection is down, or the power goes out completely? It’s best to Be Prepared, Not Alarmed.
Be Prepared, Not Alarmed

# 4 – Here Comes the Bus: Before & After School Hours

When the bus arrives, and children hop off, how do you efficiently track their time and attendance? Learn about a number of easy-to-use options in our article on tracking Before & After School Hours.
Before & After School Hours

# 3 – Start the Year Right with Child Care Accounting

As one year ends and another begins, you’ll want to know how to Start the Year Right with Child Care Accounting.
Start the Year Right

# 2 – Mobile Web Apps for Child Care Management

With the explosive growth in tablet computers and smart phones we offered a Road to the Future for Mobile Apps in Child Care Management. Although its companion article didn’t make the top five, you may also be interested in the official release of Web Apps for Procare Data Hosting.
Web Apps for Child Care Management

# 1 – More Free Daycare Sign-In Sheets

The ability to print free sign-in sheets is consistently one of our most popular topics. That’s probably because it has broad appeal both to Procare users and to child care owners and directors considering how to better automate their centers. For 2012 our most viewed article was how to print More Free Daycare Sign-In Sheets.
Free Daycare Sign-In Sheets

Editor’s Choice

A personal favorite and one that would have made our top 5 (if Windows 8 had been released earlier in the year) was our article titled Windows 8: Know Before You Buy.
Is it Windows 8 or Windows RT?

Here’s looking forward to the new year and until next time, cheers!


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