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Plan “B” for Your Child Care Check In Station

Mom Checking InMaybe the Check In station at your daycare center or preschool has temporarily failed, or you don’t even have a Check In station at all. What is your “plan B” strategy for an alternate way to record attendance times for children if a Check In computer is not available? Computers can be down for a variety of reasons and it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place at those times, to reduce stress and keep your workflow going smoothly. With Procare Software® and the Attendance Tracker program you have a nifty alternate way to get kids checked in or out using the Receptionist feature. All you need is a working Procare computer available and a staff person to operate it. The Receptionist will let you quickly record times with the authorized person’s initials and the current date and time.

What about Using a Paper Sign In/Out Sheet?

That is one option, and if all of your computers are down, it is the best strategy. Of course, you’d need to print a standard Sign In/Out report ahead of time (to have on file in the event you need it) or just use a sheet of lined notebook paper. You’ll also need to manually enter those times later on which ends up being extra work. You can avoid that if the only computer offline is your Check In station while another Procare computer is available. If that’s the case, instead of trying to fix the Check In station’s problem at your busiest time of the day, try using the Receptionist instead. You’ll get everyone checked in/out and you won’t have to manually enter any times later. You can diagnose the Check In computer problems at a more convenient time without the pressures of recording arrival and departure times.

What is the Receptionist?

Video: Receptionist Check In

The Receptionist feature is part of Procare’s Attendance Tracking module and is available through the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, rather than through the Check In screen. It’s intended as an alternate method for checking in.  Times are recorded with the authorized pick up person’s initials and accurate in and out times. You access it by going to Functions > Attendance Tracking > Receptionist.

Procare Check In: Receptionist Menu

How Does it Work?

The concept is simple: as parents bring their children to the front desk, a staff person clicks the name of the drop off/pick up person along with the children they are checking in or out, then clicks Post to Time Card. This records the times as if the authorized person performed the action at the checkin station, with the current time. It looks like this:

Procare Check In: Receptionist Steps

  1. Your staff person identifies and selects the authorized person.
  2. Next, they identify the children being checked in or out.
  3. They click the Check In or Check Out icon, as appropriate, for each child.
  4. Then they click Post to Time Card.

Try it out some time. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy this option is to replace your Check In station, either temporarily or if you don’t have a checkin station at all, routinely!

Until next time, Happy Motoring!

– Doug

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