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Text Messaging for Your Daycare

New! Texting Capabilities from Procare

Procare Text MessagingSometimes you need to contact people in a hurry, like when you have a power outage, a flood in your school, a big storm is approaching or other event. You want to let everyone know quickly so they can take appropriate action.  If you’re already sending email through Procare Software® it’s easy to now send short texts (up to 140 characters) directly from Procare too. You’ll save time and reach your families, employees and vendors in the quickest way possible. They’ll likely be impressed with your up-to-date communications techniques! Best of all there is no cost to send messages from Procare.

What Do I Need?

Text Messaging is available in Procare version 10.2.4261 or higher and will use your school’s Email Settings to send messages, so you’ll need that configured first. You’ll also need to download Messaging Networks information before you can assign phone numbers and carrier networks in the Text Message button for a person.

For ideas on how you might use email in Procare see the related article Email Families at Your Daycare.

How Do I Send Messages?

Video: Text Messaging

You simply record the person’s 10-digit mobile phone number and carrier. To do this go to their Person Information screen by dbl-clicking their name, then click the Text Message button.

Procare Text Message Settings

Record and Save the phone number and network carrier they use to receive text messages.

Save Text Message Settings

Send Individual Messages

You can send an individual message to any person by filling in the message at the bottom of the person’s Text Messaging screen, then click Send.

Send Text to One Person

Send Group Messages

You can send a message to groups of people such as Parents (known as Payers), Employees, or Vendor contacts. For example go to the Functions > Family Data > Bulk Text Messaging.

Group Text Message Menu

Any Payers whose phone and carrier have been saved are available to include in the group by just checking the box. Pink lines indicate someone not yet setup to receive text messages:

Sending Group Text Messages

Have fun using the new Free Text Messaging feature in Procare!

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