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New! Pre-Register Children Online

Finger painting is fun all right, but it can sure get messy! Perhaps the  pre-enrollment process at your child care business is like that too – a little bit messy? Although you want to follow up with families who express interest you don’t want to spin your wheels or spend excessive staff time on data entry or paperwork until they’re ready to put some money down and officially enroll.

Clean Up Your Wait List & Pre-Registration

How many times have you spoken with an enthusiastic parent – ready to get on your waiting list – only to discover a short time later they found other child care or are no longer interested? You might refer to this period before enrollment as the “research” or “waiting” stage when a family wants to be on your list, but isn’t yet ready to commit – or perhaps is waiting to see if a slot will open up for their child.

Of course you could spend time manually taking down information about their children, or ask them to fill out your full set of enrollment forms, but there is an easier way.

Procare OWL: Online Wait List & Pre-RegistrationEasy Online Waiting List (O.W.L.)

Known as OWL, the new Online Wait List & Pre-Registration service from Procare Software® empowers parents to fill out basic information online that you review at your convenience. This works well for both you and the parents, making it easy for them while eliminating administrative work for your staff.

How Does it Work?

It’s less like finger painting and more like a “paint by numbers” kit with clear steps guaranteed to paint a beautiful picture, but you can still let your creative side flourish by choosing your color scheme and creating custom questions.

  1. Just set up questions parents will answer and place a link on your web site.
  2. Parents enter basic information about each child through a secure web page.
  3. You receive an email when a new person enrolls or makes a change.
  4. Review the children on your list choosing to enroll, or remove them, as needed.

P.S. You can easily print official registration forms for the parent to review and sign using Procare’s built-in Letter Merge tool.

Learn More about OWL

See the Online Wait List & Pre-Registration page or watch the Video Tutorials to start using it today!


Here’s hoping your waiting list grows quickly and until next time, cheers!


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