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Classroom Forecasting – Sunny with a Chance of Savings!

Johnny Carson as Carnac the MagnificentWould you like to know how many teachers you need in a classroom in the future? Perhaps you want to predict an upcoming vacancy in the Butterflies room? Using the schedule reporting features of Procare Software® you can be your own Carnac the Magnificent and “divine the answer…” !

Setting Up Schedules

First you’ll want to enter your Classroom Ratios.  Then you’ll set up Child Schedules and Employee Schedules as well – in order to forecast accurate staffing needs to meet your child/teacher ratios. You can even use multi-line day schedules if children or employees switch rooms during the day, like a preschooler scheduled in the preschool room from 8:30 am to 11:30 am who then moves to the Bluebirds room from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The child’s schedule might look something like this:

Daycare Scheduling Software: Child's Schedule

In addition, you want your teachers scheduled in the matching rooms. Here’s what a teacher’s schedule might look like:

Daycare Scheduling Software: Teacher's Schedule

Okay, How do I Forecast?

Video: Forecast Staffing Needs

You’ll use Procare’s standard reports for both Family Data and Employee Data to forecast and manage staffing. Under Family Data > Classroom Schedule use the Classroom Schedule Analysis report to see into the future by setting your date range ahead! Use all three of the report styles, to see different views with gross counts or hour-by-hour. The 12 or 24 hr report versions show a graph of the number of children scheduled each hour, with a correlating staffing ratio bar-graph below it, so you can quickly identify times of the day you are over/under-staffed.  Use the Schedule Summary reports for detailed child schedules. Once you’ve identified times that need attention use the Employee Data > Employee Schedules reports – either the Schedule Summary (12 or 24 hr) or the Schedule Summary by Work Area – to see which employees are scheduled. Watch the video clip (above) for a detailed example.

This future-date reporting feature of Procare will save you time and money by helping you efficiently staff your classrooms and spot child slot openings in rooms ahead of time!

Until next time, Happy Motoring….


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