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Employee Reimbursements Made Easy

Your trusted daycare employee, Stephanie, occasionally buys things for your school. She may pick up some classroom supplies, diapers or food and pays for them out of her own pocket.  You’d like to pay Stephanie back in a timely manner, but it can be cumbersome to write a check or give her a cash repayment for every small expense.  A great new Daycare Payroll feature from Procare Software® lets you pay staff members back as part of their paycheck while accurately tracking your business expenses at the same time. 

How does it work?

Video: Procare Payroll

You’ll use the Procare Employee Data and Payroll software along with appropriate expense accounts configured in your Chart of Accounts. When you issue a paycheck, just click the Reimbursement tab and select the expense account with the amount to be reimbursed.  You may add multiple lines, if needed, for different expense accounts.

Note: If you routinely reimburse certain employees, you may set up a standard reimbursement entry to Import when processing each paycheck.  Just set the standard amount to zero then type in the reimbursement amount when you issue the check.

Individual Reimbursement Summary

Standard Reimbursement Categories

Here’s to saving time in repaying your employees, accurately tracking your expenses and keeping your valued staff members happy too!

Until next time, enjoy all the great new features Procare has to offer.


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