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Schedule Backups for Your Daycare Database

Oh no… my computer crashed! NOW what do I do?

You tap a key and the computer just sits there… nothing.  You reboot, but it never comes back to life.  Then you get a sinking feeling in your gut… you’ve been meaning to back up your data, but just keep forgetting, or haven’t had the time.

There’s no doubt recovering from a computer crash can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve lost data you rely on to run your child care, daycare or preschool.  Fortunately Procare Software® now provides a great tool to help protect your business critical information.

Of course if you’re using the Procare Data Hosting Service backups are handled automatically as part of the service. And, if you use your own SQL Server, backups are managed by your IT staff outside of Procare.

Schedule Your Backups to Run Automatically

Procare Child Care Management Software allows you to set up a schedule to run at any time of day.  The backup runs in the background so you are not interrupted while using the software.  The backup file is conveniently stored in the Procare ‘backups’ folder on your main computer.  To be sure you have an offline copy either manually copy this folder to an external drive, or if you use  third-party automated backup software (like Carbonite) you may set that program to backup the C:Program FilesProcareServerBackups folder as part of its routine.  Either way you’ll have your data securely backed up to an external location, ready to recover, if needed.

How do I Setup a Backup Schedule?

Just click the Utilities menu and choose the Database Backup/Restore option.  Then select the Schedule tab. Choose a time of day and the days of the week you want the backup to run.  It’s best to select a time when the computer will be running (not turned off or in hibernate mode), but even if the scheduled time is missed, the backup will run automatically the next time the computer is powered on.

Note: You may need to update to the most current version of the program before this option will appear. To update, go to the Utilities menu, then choose Check for Online Update.

Daycare Backup ArchiveTo view recently made backups click the Archive and Restore tab.  Any backups performed by the scheduler will be marked as ‘Sys’ for the user who did the backup.

If you ever need to recover from a data loss, you can restore your database backup file from the list of recovered backups – follow the recovery options outlined in the Backup & Restore article.

Until next time, enjoy some piece of mind by backing up your data automatically!


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