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New Payroll Software for Daycare

Still processing payroll checks by hand for your child care, daycare or preschool? Or perhaps you’re already using Child Care Management Software to simplify your daycare payroll. No matter how you handle payroll now, things are just about to get better, much better.

Procare Software® is pleased to announce the imminent release of the next generation of payroll software specifically designed for your child care business. Procare v10 Payroll is just around the corner. For those of you already using version 9 you’ll be pleased with new features like the ability to add reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses and for those of you using another method, or outside payroll service, you’ll save both time and money processing payroll yourself.

Procare Payroll is easy to use with many time saving features!

One Click Payroll Calculation

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With the Quick Calculate feature running payroll is as simple clicking a single button that imports hours from the employee time card and determines all withholdings and credits. Just like that you’re ready to print the check!

Daycare Payroll: Check Calculation

Advances & Repayments

If you have staff members who sometimes need an advance on their next paycheck we’ve got you covered with the Advance & Repayment feature. Each time you issue an advance the amount is tracked and deducted from their next paycheck or choose to phase in the repayment over several checks.


Payroll Reimbursement: Out of Pocket ExpenseEasily add reimbursements for mileage or out of pocket expenses directly to a paycheck without having to issue a separate check. This is especially helpful when teachers pick up supplies for the art room, office, kitchen, etc.

Standard Tax Withholdings

Daycare Payroll: WithholdingsOf course you may download standard withholdings for things like Social Security and Medicare, as well as Federal and State income taxes. You may also create your own withholdings and soon will be able to download common formulas for things like employee child care, health insurance, retirement, etc. Then you can customize them to fit your center’s needs.


Complex Withholdings

Maybe you have a health or retirement plan that is pre-taxed, or a garnishment or other withholding with complex criteria. The all new Formula Editor can handle most any situation.


Earned Income Credit (EIC)Automatically add credits for things like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to paychecks of qualifying employees or create your own custom credits as appropriate.

Tax Deposits & Reports

Standard reports are included to give you the information needed for tax deposits and 941 reporting. You’ll also be able to run earnings reports by department, pay code or work area and many others.

Procare helps simplify the payroll process from beginning to end.

Until next time, enjoy!


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