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Solve the Vacation Hours Puzzle

Puzzled about how to keep track of staff vacation hours at your child care, daycare or preschool? You’ll quickly realize there are a number of things you need to know. In fact you may have read our previous articles on tracking Paid Holidays, Earned Vacation and Planned Vacation Hours. The missing piece to the puzzle is recording when the vacation is actually taken and those hours have been used.

Let’s say one or more employees are on vacation, or perhaps they have recently returned. You’ll want to be sure the vacation time is accurately recorded on their time cards so it will be included on reports for payroll purposes. Typically you’d do this at the end of each pay period to catch any hours that may have been used during the period. If nobody was on vacation, that’s okay since there would not be any hours to process. In fact it’s really not limited to vacation. This concept would work for any appointment, personal time off, etc. that was previously planned.

In this article we’ll look at how Procare Software® may be used to track vacation hours used and to quickly review the number of hours still available for an employee.

Used Vacation

Video Clip: Vacation Used

You’ll use the Batch Post Time Card feature to process vacation hours that had been “planned” and turn them into hours “used”.

  1. From the main screen of Employee Data click Functions > Batch Post Time Card.
  2. You’ll want to include only staff members “Employed as of” a particular date. Usually this would be the last day of the Pay Period.
  3. Under “Base Posting on” choose Planned Benefits.
  4. Under Pay Code you would likely want to use All Pay Codes. This means each item like vacation, sick, etc. will be included. The Comment is optional.
  5. Select Start and End dates – typically the dates of your Pay Period. Any planned benefits during those dates will be available to process.
  6. Click Next. A list of all eligible employees will appear. You may include everyone or select individual employees.
  7. Make any manual changes to the Pay Code, Work Area, Date or Times as needed for individual people. For example their plans may have changed and they used more or less hours than originally planned.
  8. Click Process. Each entry will now appear on the appropriate Employee Time Card and on the “Used” tab of the Employee Benefits screen.

Vacation Available

To see the number of vacation hours a particular staff member has available go to the Employee Benefits screen and click the Balances tab. This screen shows the hours earned, used and the remaining balance.

vacation hours available

I hope you’ve found this series of articles on tracking vacation and benefit hours to be helpful. Until next time, cheers!


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