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Schedule Vacation for Your Daycare Staff

Everyone needs a little vacation from time to time, especially those dedicated teachers, aides and other staff members at your daycare or early childhood learning center. Having some time off is good news for them, but what about scheduling those vacation hours? How will you keep track of who is taking vacation when? Especially during the summer months it can be a lot to trust to your memory alone.

Although you could mark off days on a big wall calendar in the office or staff break room you’ll probably find there is more information you’ll need. An easier way is to use a Child Care Software Program to keep track of hours earned, scheduled, taken and remaining for all types of benefits including vacation, sick and training time.

In previous articles we explored how to record Paid Holidays and keep track of Earned Vacation hours. In this article we’ll see how Procare Software® may be used to schedule vacation time (and other planned absences, like appointments and personal time) so you’ll know exactly who is on vacation and for how long.

Planned Vacation

Video Clip: Planned Vacation

Using the built-in Employee Benefits feature you can easily record time off that is planned in advance such as a vacation. The benefits screen has separate tabs to keep track of the hours planned, earned and used as well as a tab to show the remaining balance of hours available for a particular employee. Right now we’re focused on planned hours.

  1. At the Employee Benefits screen click the Planned tab.
  2. Select a Date and adjust the Start and End times as needed, for example you may want this to be planned as an eight hour vacation day.
  3. Choose a Benefit Pay Code, like Vacation, Sick or Personal Time, etc. The Comment is optional.
  4. Use the Tab or Enter key (on your keyboard) to move down to the next blank line. If they are taking several days off in a row click the Copy Day button to repeat the information for multiple days.
  5. Click Save > Exit.

Note: You may use the Review button to see how the vacation appears on their schedule.

Just a short article this week since planning vacation time is so easy to do. Until next time, cheers!


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