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Earning Vacation Hours at Your Daycare

Thinking about your next vacation? Although your trip may not involve Hawaiian print shirts and colorful inner tubes it’s still fun to have something to look forward to. The not so fun part is figuring out how to keep track of vacation time earned and used for employees at your child care, daycare or preschool.

You can use a Vacation Accumulation Formula to determine the number of hours a person would earn for each pay period or forty hour work week, but you’ll still need a method to track those hours and answer questions like “How many vacation hours do I have left?”

If you offer vacation hours as a benefit at your child care business you’ll want to use Child Care Management Software to fully track all benefit hours including vacation, sick time, training, etc.

In this article we’ll look at how Procare Software® helps you easily track vacation time earned. Then in other articles you’ll see how to Plan Vacation Hours ahead of time and record Vacation Hours Used once the vacation has been taken. You’ll even be able to answer the “how many hours do I have left?” question.

How are Your Vacation Hours Earned?

First you’ll need to answer a question. How are the hours earned at your center? A few common methods include:

  • Anniversary Date: Employees receive so many vacation hours on their anniversary date each year. In this case hours do not accrue.
  • Fixed Hours: All (or most) employees earn a fixed number of vacation hours each month or quarter, regardless of the number of hours they work.
  • Pay Period: Employees earn a fixed number of hours each pay period regardless of the number of hours they work.
  • Prorated per 40 Hrs: Employees earn so many vacation hours for every 40 hours worked. This is prorated so a person who worked 20 hours would still earn some vacation.

Tracking Hours Earned

Video Clip: Vacation based on Anniversary Date

If vacation hours are credited on a person’s anniversary date you’d simply enter the hours directly on the “earned” tab of the Employee Benefits screen. Since this happens one employee at a time (as each anniversary date comes up) you may wish set a Reminder to help you remember the date – and to thank them for being a good staff member too!

Video Clip: Accrued Vacation

For the other three cases (above) where hours accrue over time you’ll use the Batch Post Accrued Benefits feature to process earned vacation hours for everyone at once. You might do this at the end of each pay period, month, or quarter depending on the benefits policy at your center.

Video Clip: Vacation Rate Varies

Sometimes the hours a person earns are based on their years of service. For example more recently hired employees may qualify for 1 vacation week per year, while those with longer service may qualify for 2 weeks or more. Although you can manually edit hours on the batch post screen, there is an easier way. You may set up a User Defined Field and enter the accrual rate for each person such as 0.80 per 40 hrs (1 week) or 1.60 (2 weeks). Then on the Batch Post Accrued Benefits screen select the name of the field (such as “Vacation Rate”) instead of Standard Amount.

How Many Hours Left?

To answer the question about the number of vacation hours a particular staff member has available go to the Employee Benefits screen and click the Balances tab. This screen shows the hours earned, used and the remaining balance.

Employee Benefits: Vacation Hours Available

Here’s to making benefit tracking easier and please remember to take a little vacation time for yourself too. Until next time, cheers!


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