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Vacation Hours, Vacation Credits & Billing Reminders

Many child care centers, daycare facilities and preschool programs allow families to take a specified number of vacation days each year. For example, a family may be given a credit for up to one week of vacation. If they exceed that time they would then be charged the standard weekly rate to hold their child’s spot.

Tracking vacation hours, tuition fees and vacation credits are tasks simplified by using Daycare Software. In this article we’ll show you how to use Procare Software® to manage vacation hours, post vacation credits, and use the built-in calendar reminder to help remember when to issue a credit. You may even choose how many vacation hours will be counted for each day. Let’s say the child was enrolled in a 4 hour a day program, but for vacation purposes your policy is to count that as a full 8 hour day.

Vacation Schedule

When a family comes to you and says they’ll be on vacation for a particular day, week, etc. you’ll add that to the child as a planned absence. To do so:

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click the Schedule Overrides & Absences icon on the child toolbar.
  2. Click the Absences tab at the top.
  3. Enter the first day of the vacation in the Date field. If the child was scheduled that day the Start and End times will be filled in automatically. If you’re not using the schedule feature just enter the times yourself. You can also adjust the times to have this vacation day count as many hours as your policy allows. For example you might change a 4 hour program day to an 8 hour day for vacation purposes.
  4. Choose a Reason for the absence such as “Vacation” and enter a Comment if you like.
  5. Tap Enter to move to the next line. If the family is taking several vacation days in a row use the Copy Day button.
  6. Click Save.
  7. You may wish to click the Balances tab to see how many “Vacation” hours this child has taken.

Vacation Credit

If you charge a fixed weekly rate you’ll likely need to issue a vacation credit since the family would still be charged their normal weekly amount while they were away. This is useful since financial reports will now show how much revenue you gave away in vacation credits.

If the vacation is coming up right away (this week or next week) you’ll probably want to issue the credit to their account right away. If the vacation is several weeks or more into the future you may set up a “Reminder” (described below) so you’ll remember to do it later.

To post a vacation credit:

  1. Click the Ledger icon on the account toolbar.
  2. Choose a Date to record the credit. If you make no selection it will default to the current date. Or, you may manually select a date like the Monday of their vacation week.
  3. Under Description select an appropriate credit like “Absent / Vacation Credit”.
  4. Enter a Comment, if needed, like “Credit for 1 Week”.
  5. Enter the amount the family would normally be charged for a week.
  6. Tap Enter or Tab (on the keyboard) to move to the next line and the pending balance will appear in the Balance column. This credit will reduce the amount they currently owe. If you have not yet run Automated Billing for the week they are on vacation the family may temporarily have a credit balance (negative balance).
  7. Click Post & Exit.

Billing Reminders

If you are not posting a vacation credit right away you may wish to set a reminder for the future so you’ll remember to give them the credit once the vacation week has passed. You may use the “Reminder” feature for any purpose but it can be especially useful for billing reminders.

  1. With the family showing click the Reminders menu (at the top) and select Create Reminder.
  2. Select a Reminder Date (when do you want to be reminded?).
  3. Choose the person who should see this reminder (the Recipient) which will often be yourself.
  4. Right-click the Regarding box and choose Paste Information then select the name of the account, payer, or child.
  5. Enter a Comment like “Give a 1 week vacation credit”.
  6. Click Save > Exit.

When you log in to Procare on the appropriate day the calendar reminder bell will ring back and forth to let you know you have a current reminder to view.

Here’s wishing you well with managing family vacations. Perhaps you can even manage one for yourself this year – what a concept! Until next time, cheers.


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