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Time & Attendance: Bus Run Check In

Does your child care, preschool or after school program have children arrive or depart on the same bus? Are you responsible for keeping track of their attendance? If so Child Care Management Software can help. In today’s article we’ll explain how to use Procare Software® to manage bus run lists and check all children assigned to a particular bus in or out at the same time. You may also be interested in our previous article on how an authorized pick up person may be allowed to Check In Many Children even those in other families.                    

Create Bus Runs

First you’ll create the name of each bus. A bus run can be named for a school, a time, or even the name of the driver – whatever works best for you.

  1. Use “Child Tracking” categories for bus runs. From the Procare Home screen choose Configuration > System > Data Management > Tracking Items & User Defined Fields > Local (or Global) Tracking Items.
  2. Choose the “Child” tab at the top and create a Tracking Group Name called “Bus Runs” or perhaps “Transportation”. Mark it as a multi-item group since a child may be assigned to more than one bus (for example an AM and PM bus).
  3. Within the group create items for each bus run, such as Lincoln – AM, Lincoln – PM, etc. If the bus has a limited capacity set a Usage Limit for the maximum number of children that may be assigned to that bus. 


Assign Bus to Children

Now that the bus run names have been created you’re ready to assign them to children.

  1. Look up the family in Procare Family Data.
  2. With the child’s name selected click the Tracking icon on the child toolbar.
  3. Check off the appropriate bus runs for this child.

 Process Attendance

You are now ready to check in the entire bus run of children at once. Of course you’ll be able to select them child by child if not everyone was on the bus that day.

  1. From the main screen of Procare Family Data click Functions > Attendance Tracker > Batch Check In/Out.
  2. Choose the type of procedure like ‘Check In’ (top left) and make any necessary changes to the date and time.
  3. Select the Child Tracking Items you want included in this procedure, for example ‘Lincoln – AM’.
  4. Choose whether you want children checked into their Scheduled Classroom or default Primary Class.
  5. Click the Refresh List button and a list of all children eligible for check in will be displayed.
  6. Mark the check box in the upper right to include all children (or mark them individually if not everyone is being checked in) then click Process

Here’s wishing you well with your attendance tracking and until next time, cheers! 


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